Get unstuck and into action on climate change

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What on earth?

The Climate Change Coaches provide upbeat, punchy and FREE street coaching at events and in communities. We offer confidential conversations, free from judgment and unwanted advice, to help people think clearly about climate change and then get into action to do something about it.

We’re bringing coaching to climate change, treating your stuckness about the environment just like any other coaching topic. Instead of giving you more data to overwhelm you, we listen with kindness and use our skills to move you from feeling powerless to powerful, so that you can work out your way of making a difference… and then roll up your sleeves and do it.

We couldn’t help ourselves but work on this

Think of climate change and you are more likely to think about science than psychology. Yet although we have been showered with important research for many decades, we haven’t changed the way we live. However compelling the science, data simply doesn’t change behaviour.

The Climate Change Coaches believe that it’s time we started seeing climate change as a human behaviour problem. Our behaviour as over-consumers got us here and our lack of ability to change our behaviour is stopping us from doing the very things that will ensure our survival.

Put like that, it seems crazy that we’re not acting. But while rationality and logic may make intellectual sense, as coaches (and humans) we know that change is really hard and that our brains are hard-wired to resist it. Because change is new and we lack the time to think it through and work out our response, change is scary. We’ll help you think past the scary to the possible on the other side.


Reigniting our collective can-do about the environment

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We will help you feel empowered to act on climate change and even enjoy doing it

As coaches we help people every day to master change comfortably. Our job is to make transition feel less impossible, and you to feel more capable and excited. We are all professionally-trained coaches with years of experience and hours of coaching under our belts. We know first hand that change is possible for everyone. Just like you, we want to make a contribution to solving climate change. We all run our own successful coaching practices, so we do this coaching for free, to take coaching beyond those who can afford to pay for it. It’s also a crazy amount of fun.

Coaches move people out of panic and into action

We know that many of us want to do something about climate change, but that we feel powerless and overwhelmed. Wanting to act and feeling unable to can leave you feeling deeply disempowered and disempowered people don’t make good decisions, or indeed any decisions at all. Instead, we retreat back to doing things that make us feel good and away from the things that make us feel guilty and fearful.


A lasting impression

We do what we do to help change behaviour now so that the next generation will inherit a thriving, liveable world. We also know that coaching builds resilience and that the conversations that we have pass on skills that can in turn be passed on to the rest of the family. We encourage you to take what you learn and share it with others.

Let us help

Get in touch to invite us to your event or community meeting. Whether as a group of professional coaches offering free ‘street’ coaching to your event guests, or a skilled team coach helping your community group to get into action in your area, we always bring a spirit of lightness, fun and care to our conversations.


Take home a new-found sense of your contribution