Tell us what you did next!


Accountability is a key part of coaching. Saying you’ll do something is one thing, but it’s often helpful to have someone to report back to in order to get yourself over the line and into action. To be able to provide that accountability while also giving free coaching, we offer you the option of emailing us here to tell us what you did next. We would like to put what you tell us here on the site, to give other people encouragement.

We would also really value some feedback on how you found the experience of being coached, and we’d love to be able to share positive feedback on this site.

In both cases you can of course choose to remain anonymous, should you wish to.

Tell us how you would like to be known on our site, either your full name, first name only or 'anonymous' if you would rather not have your name published here. If you do not put a name, we will list you as 'anonymous' by default.
Please tell us the name of the person who coached you. If you can't remember their name, visit our team page to find them.

What if I didn’t do all the things I said I would?

Perhaps you did exactly what you’d said you would. Perhaps you changed your plans as you worked them out in more detail. Or perhaps you got stalled by some new fears that surfaced when you tried to make some change. Whatever happened, we want to hear about it. Your experience will give other people the courage to think more about the climate, and even when you don’t do all that you wanted to, you will give a useful voice to the struggle that we all face in making change in our lives, and make it ok for other people to say that they’re finding it hard.