Join our Founder, Charly Cox for a practical, lively online workshop, for FREE!

Join our Founder, Charly Cox for a practical, lively online workshop, for FREE!

Learn how to influence others by overcoming resistance and building better relationships

Working in and around climate change as an environmentalist, activist, internal champion or sustainability professional and wanting some practical skills to help you influence others and build the kind of relationships that create true collaboration?

We run training courses that help with the relational side of climate action, and during Climate Strike Week we are giving away one of our training modules for free.

Join us for a fun, practical and interactive 90-minute online workshop in which you will be trained live by two of our team, including our Founder, Charly Cox. You will also get the chance to meet colleagues from other organisations facing similar challenges.

About the workshop

Our 90-minute workshop will give you:

  • The skills to drill down beneath resistance to the values that underpin a person’s unwillingness to act

  • An understanding of how coaching skills can help you to influence others and build strong relationships that lead to change

  • The opportunity to reflect on your own resistance and the conditions you need in order to change

  • An more tangible understanding of the role of values in behaviour change

We don’t like chalk and talk, so our workshops are interactive and practical. This session includes both a live coaching demonstration of how to work with resistance in others, plus the chance to immediately practice the skills during the 90 minutes.

We find that people enjoy meeting peers from other disciplines, and so we bring practitioners together from different sectors and organisations to make the experience all the richer.

How it works

We are running two identical 90 minute workshops, the dates for which are below. You can sign up to both dates, however as they are identical, you will only be invited to one workshop, to allow the maximum number of people to participate. The workshops are held on zoom using video, and so a webcam and a good internet connection are requirements of signing up. We ask that you come to the workshop with a live issue relating to your own or someone else’s resistance to change, to use as a coaching issue on the call.

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