Step into a new, deeper relationship with yourself, your clients and the world

Are you a coach and are increasingly drawn to doing something about climate change? Want to learn how to apply your existing coaching skills in the context of the environment and breathe new purpose into your coaching practice?

We’ve learnt a tremendous amount in our own journeys into coaching this topic and want to share that with the profession. We have been astounded by the response from the coaching profession, and the huge amount of interest from coaches in doing this work.

We know that while coaching is coaching, whatever the topic, working in this area does present some differences, because the complexity and opportunity to feel overwhelmed are substantial. We support coaches who are building their practices in climate change and environmentalism through:

  • An informal monthly call with our team, in which coaches from around the world come together to share ideas and meet each other and in which we explain more about what we’ve learned.

  • We also run coaching circles for coaches to work through how they would coach big topics and what self-management and self-care may be needed in doing so.

  • We are building a global community of coaches which right now is a Facebook group, but which in time we hope to grow into a more meaningful way of being connected. This is a closed group to promote a more supportive space. Please do join us there.

  • In time we plan to create an ICF accredited training programme for coaches who want to feel more confident in this work by learning more deeply about it.

If you are a coach itching to make an impact in this space, and have no background in this work, don’t discount yourself. You need to be a great coach, not an environmentalist. Get in touch.