Q: What is a climate change coach?

A: We are professional, trained coaches who give our time for free to reignite a sense of can-do about climate change. Too many of us feel powerless to act and even nervous to discuss it. So we make it ok to talk about climate change, free from judgment, so that people can work out their own way of making a difference, and then roll up their sleeves and do it. Climate change requires us all to adapt our behaviour, and as professionals we know both how hard that can be and how to help. We coach people to make successful changes in their lives every day, and we know how to help you move from concerned to capable once more. If you want to act but don’t know how, the Climate Change Coaches can help you work it out.


Q: What kind of topics do YOU help with?

A: Climate Change Coaches will coach any topic related to the environment and our role in mitigating climate change. We listen without judgement and invite people to talk about their concerns and feel capable once more of making a difference. We coach people who want to do something about climate change but don’t know where to start or feel stuck or anxious about change. No topic is off limits as long as it relates to climate change.


Q: What is important to know about climate change coaching?

A: We aren’t advisors and we won’t tell you what to do. We know that there is more than enough advice out there, and that the science can be overwhelming. In many ways, we don’t need more data, we need help to make sense of what we know. When we ask for advice it’s because we feel like we can’t solve the problem alone. We know how disempowering that feels, and we’re trained to help you regain your confidence to do something, and with it, your creativity. Our coaching is about helping you feel more empowered to contribute to solving climate change. We give you the space to talk about your ideas and concerns and to work out how you can comfortably take the next steps.



A: We offer free coaching sessions, standing up in the open space of your event for usually 20-minutes at a time.

Q: How can we find you at an event?

A: You can spot us by our light blue lanyards and Climate Change Coaches logo. There may also be a bit of a buzz around us.

Q: Why don’t you charge for this? Are you hoping that people will become paying clients?

A: We give our time for free because we believe that this is the way that we can best contribute to solving the problem. Our sessions aren’t a hard sell for any further coaching; they are free and offered with love. You are very welcome to drop us a line to ask for the contact details of the coach that you spoke with, but we don’t expect you to become a client. Because accountability is a key part of coaching, our website has a section in which you can report back on the action you took as a result of your coaching discussion. We also always love to hear how you found the experience.