Climate change is overwhelming us with its complexity. And when we think about it, we often feel conflicted. Many of us feel powerless to act. We know we need to change the way we live, but change feels hard. What if we could feel capable again? What if change felt possible?


Roving professional coaches for conferences and events

Most of us don’t have access to quality coaching in our day to day lives, so this is a chance to grab some time with the kind of thinking partner who really listens to you and helps you answer for yourself the big questions you’ve been asking about climate change. In the middle of a crowd, our coaches create a safe, peaceful space for people to talk one to one, and get back into action.

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Group coaching for communities and activists

Big change requires big collaboration, managing competing needs and balancing a range of skills. We provide pairs of coaches to facilitate conversations with communities acting for the first time or activists coming together for their next big push. We’ll create the kind of space in which you can develop a powerful strategy, or hold a difficult conversation that’s holding you back.

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