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Taster workshops on coaching for conferences, events and gatherings

Most of us don’t have access to quality coaching in our day to day lives, so we give people the chance to learn some coaching skills for themselves, so that they may be the kind of thinking partner who really listens, and helps others answer for themselves the big questions they’ve been asking themselves about climate change. At conferences and events, our workshops create an oasis of reflection, inspiration and creativity, and participants come away both coached and with coaching skills to use straight away.

Group coaching for communities and activists

Big change requires big collaboration, managing competing needs and expectations and balancing a range of skills. Real leaders also emerge when their collaborators aren’t following them because they’re paid to. Specializing in teams and leadership, our coaches work with communities and groups acting for the first time or coming together for their next big push. We create the kind of space in which you can develop a powerful strategy.

Training in coaching skills for individuals and organisations

We provide training courses for organisations and cohorts of individuals who want the skills to empower others so that they can build stronger relationships and better influence in their work and lives. Perhaps you may be working in consortia and needing more skills around collaboration; or you may be experiencing resistance when you try and implement new ideas; or you may be working alone, founding a new organisation or idea and want some skills to take others with you on your journey. Training in coaching skills will help you to define what you need and how you will continually re-empower yourself, as well as giving you the tools to recognise the signs of disempowerment in others and work with that until they return to their own sense of possibility and capability, so that you can all move forward. We will also teach you how to build common ground, even when there is unwillingness. And all of this we frame within the context of taking climate action.

Support and training for coaches who want to work on climate change

We leapt into this world and haven’t looked back, and we’ve learnt a tremendous amount along the way. We have been astounded by the response from the coaching profession, and the huge amount of interest from coaches in doing this work. We know that while coaching is coaching, whatever the topic, working in this area does have some challenges, because the complexity and opportunity to feel overwhelmed are substantial. We support coaches who are building their practices in climate change and environmentalism through an informal monthly call with our founder, in which we explain more about what we’ve learned and address any concerns, and then through formal coaching groups for those coaches who are ready to start working with people on these topics. In time we hope to create a more concrete network of coaches and we are developing an accredited training programme for coaches who want to feel more confident in this work by learning more deeply about it. If you are a coach itching to make an impact in this space, and have no background in this work, don’t discount yourself. You need to be a great coach, not an environmentalist. Get in touch.

The details - how it works

WHAT we do

We build training courses to teach people the coaching skills they can use to empower offer taster workshops and 1-1 coaching at events across Europe to reignite a sense of can-do about climate change. We make it ok to talk about your concerns, free from judgment, and help you to work out your own way of making a difference, so you can get out there and do it. If you want to act and want the skills to help others to act, but don’t know how, the Climate Change Coaches can help you work it out. We coach and train people to make successful changes in their lives every day, and we know how to help you move from concerned to capable once more.

What we don’t do

We aren’t advisors and we won’t tell you what to do. We know that there is more than enough advice out there, and that the science can be overwhelming. We also know that before action comes belief, and that lack of belief and doubt is holding a lot of us back. In many ways, we don’t need more data, we need help to make sense of what we know. When we ask for advice it’s because we feel like we can’t solve the problem alone. We know how disempowering that feels, and we’re trained to help you regain your confidence to do something, and with it, your creativity. We’ll teach you how to do that with others so you don’t have to fix their problems either, but can be a great thinking partner to them instead. We want to help you feel more empowered to contribute to solving climate change. We give you the space to talk about your ideas and concerns and to work out how you can comfortably take the next steps. We teach you the skills to do that with others.

HOw long Our workshops last and how long are coaching sessions are

A workshop will run between 90 and 120 minutes, depending on your event. We typically offer free 30-minute coaching sessions at events. Climate Change Coaches will coach any topic related to the environment and our role in mitigating climate change. We train and coach people who want to do something about climate change but don’t know where to start or feel stuck or anxious about change. No topic is off limits as long as it relates to climate change.

when you coached me, I told you I would take some action, How can I tell you what i’ve done?

Because accountability is a key part of coaching, we would love you to tell us what you did after you get home. We would like permission to publish what you write on the site because we want to show how possible it is to take action, so will ask you if that’s ok when you email us. You can choose whether to remain anonymous or how you will be named when we post it up. If you have time, we also always love to hear how you found the experience of being coached or trained by the team. 

We are currently looking for events and gatherings that we can come to in autumn 2019 and 2020. We have team members across Europe and are developing a network further afield.

Please get in touch to tell us about your event or an event that you will attend that we should approach.