Our fantastic team

We are a merry band of professional coaches, applying what we know about leadership, behaviour change and coaching to our environmental crisis. We are not currently taking on new team members, but DO want to build a global network of coaches who work on climate change, and of others who know how to use coaching skills to influence and empower their organisations and communities. If that sounds like you, get in touch!


Megan Fraser


Megan is passionate about the potential of coaching to create a more whole and flourishing world. She trained with the Coaches Training Institute and the Emotional Intelligence Training Company, and specializes in working with leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Deeply committed to environmental and social change, she's a coach for EU initiative Climate-KIC, the world's largest climate innovation summer school, where she's helped millennials develop start-up ideas that tackle climate change. Megan helps people who long to create something new but feel paralyzed by procrastination, perfectionism, and fear of failure. 

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Zoe Greenwood


Zoe believes coaching has a critical role to play in supporting a rapid transition to a zero-emissions world. She is eager to support people as they work through the frustrations, revelations and collaborations that often emerge from embracing climate action. She is also sensitive to the anxiety that can be aroused by climate science and believes creating a space for sadness is important. Zoe trained in co-active coaching with the Coaches Training Institute in 2011 and worked for 15 years in the environmental sector facilitating sustainability leadership programmes. She has a relaxed and warm coaching style.


Hamish Mackay-Lewis


Hamish’s vision is for a more connected and conscious world; where we have more respect for each other and the natural world we live with and live from. He loves to help people connect to a more purposeful, confident and authentic leadership approach. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and much of his work is done in nature. Whether walking with clients in parks in London or taking them to explore the jungle in Ecuador, Hamish helps people to reconnect to the natural world.

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Amanda Devine

Climate change coach

Amanda believes coaching is a doorway to lead from the heart and get re-connected to the belief that we can make a difference. Get creative with Amanda who loves nothing more than turning up the volume on your voice and reconnecting you back to the power of nature’s ancient wisdom. Amanda trained with the Coaches Training Institute and CRR Global from 2015-2017 and previously worked in Organisational Change Management.


Sarah Flynn

Climate Change Coach

Sarah believes that the nature of our relationship with ourselves often flows through into our relationship with others, and ultimately our relationship with this beautiful planet. She knows that being in ‘right relationship’ with ourselves makes it easier to have a sustainable relationship with our environment. Come along to explore the power of relationships to change the way that we care for our world. Sarah is an Organisational Research Psychologist, and a Co-active and Relationship Systems Coach who trained with The Coaches Institute and CRR Global. 

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Ruth Springer


Ruth believes that whilst many have woken to the threat of climate change, the scale and urgency of the challenges we face can feel overwhelming. She believes that coaching can empower people to talk honestly about these challenges and act courageously to tackle them. She has 15 years’ coaching experience and uses coaching primarily with leaders in schools.


Emily Buchanan


Emily is a health and nutrition coach who helps people to rethink their relationship to food: for themselves, their family, their community and for the planet. How we grow and consume food is a big part of the climate change problem, but also the solution. Emily believes that the choices we make today determine the conditions our children will live with tomorrow and that through nutrition coaching we can begin to reimagine our place in the modern food system. Emily trained with the Cadence Health International College of Nutrition and Coaching, and has worked as a food writer and consultant in Paris since 2011.


Joey Clifton


Joey is a coach, thought partner and Escape guide for women working in social change and sustainability, supporting them to approach their life and work from a place of clarity, resilience and possibility. Joey lives in Cornwall, UK.

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Charly Cox


Charly has been a coach for seven years, having previously built and run a creative agency in West Africa. She founded the Climate Change Coaches when she realised that powerlessness was holding a lot of us back when it comes to climate change. Charly passionately believes that coaches have a big role to play in enabling our collective sense of capability and resilience, and she wants more coaches to work on this problem. Charly is a trained Co-Active Coach and a Relationship Systems Coach. She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has coached over 2100 hours with clients. She is also a professional facilitator to organisations in the green economy and teaches on the MBA programme in the Business School at Oxford Brookes University.



Use your skills to do something amazing about climate change

We are always keen to hear from trained coaches with an interest in climate change. You do not need to have a qualification in environmental science or a background in sustainability. Instead you need to be an excellent coach who can treat a climate change topic like any other, and who can dig deep into their natural compassion and resilience to help others to feel powerful again. You will also be someone who cares about climate change and wants to act, and who is a big fan of not trashing the planet.

Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to have a chat and support your efforts.