Are You?

  • Ready to act on climate change but feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward

  • Feeling overwhelmed, in panic and kept awake at night with eco anxiety

  • Feeling angry, disappointed and frustrated at the inaction of others

  • Struggling and exhausted from trying to enrol community groups into climate action 

  • Running on empty trying to sustain climate care enthusiasm in your teams

  • Or are you just needing a non-judgemental conversation to share how you feel on the issue.

Climate change is a big issue that is leaving many of us feeling uncertain, anxious, powerless and finding it difficult to maintain a desire to act in the face of so much bad news. Climate Change Coaches can help you move from this place.

Join us in climate strike action week

From 20-27 September 2019, in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike actions, we’re committing to a week of free coaching and taster sessions to help you navigate some of the challenges of the climate crisis and commit to implementing meaningful change.

If you’re a member of the public 

  • Book your free online coaching session to help you reimagine your relationship with climate change and get clearer on how you want to act

If you’re a practitioner in the field 

  • Come to one of our taster sessions on “Using values to overcome resistance in others”  & “How to use coaching skills to overcome relational problems”

If you’re a coach 

  • Scroll down to find out how you can use your skills and expertise to get involved in our global campaign.


How it works

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